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What is Western Finance? Western Finance is a lender that serves high-risk industries. They take pride in using cutting-edge technology to help merchants unlock the potential of their business. Their website speaks strongly of individual focus, but it was last updated in 2014. Despite this, they are still actively lending to merchants. To learn more, contact the company directly or fill out a form. Western Finance has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2015 and maintains an A+ rating.

Western Financial has a diverse loan portfolio and is willing to accept more risk than traditional lenders. They also work with businesses that lack a positive credit rating or financial strength. These companies also offer equipment financing options. Western Financial was founded in 2009 in Orange, California. Small businesses looking for alternatives to traditional lending institutions should contact the company for more information. They may be able to provide financing for any type of business, including those in high-risk markets.

While Western Financial does not disclose origination fees on its loan products, it does state that its clients must pay back at least 50% of the loans. To remain eligible, Western Financial also requires that businesses maintain a good financial profile. This means that Western Finance has a revolving credit structure. With this, it will replenish credit as the business makes payments. Moreover, it does not require renewals. It is easy to apply and receive a decision.